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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers.
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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers regarding their closet installation experience. offers no incentives for customer stories.

Stories From California:

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Dave P., San Jose, CA
Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased and happy I am with your excellent product and outstanding service. It was such a wonderful experience working with Juan throughout the whole process. It all started with the creative yet beautiful design. Juan spent a considerable amount of his time to ensure that it fits all the space requirements as well as within my budget constraints. The product was shipped promptly and arrived in great shape. It took me roughly two days to put the closet together in my master bedroom... another day to put on the finishing touch. The precision of the design measurements and cuts is outstanding. There is hardly any unused space left. In fact, the largest gap between the panels and the walls is merely 3/16". And that was due to the wall not being straight. The whole installation process was so easy and straightforward Actually, the most painstaking task was to move all the pieces from my garage to the master bedroom upstairs. My wife and I are so happy and proud of our new closet. We would absolutely recommend your closets to relatives and friends without any hesitation. Thanks again for taking pride in your product and service. It really shows. Regards/dp

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Christine D., Santa Barbara, CA
About a year ago I purchased a closet system from you for a small walk-in closet in my master bedroom. I am a 57 yr. old woman and installed the system myself with assistance from my husband only with the leveling and installation of the hanging rods. When the system was delivered in 30 or so boxes I remember saying to myself, "what have I gotten myself into", knowing that my husband was opposed to any do-it-yourself project that he would have to be involved in. After calming down and getting started, the installation went smoothly. Every piece was cut and fit so precisely. It was done at a leisurely pace in about a week. My husband has admitted to loving the results. It makes us stay neat and organized. Your online and phone support staff were very helpful with my custom needs and design. My husband is 6'6" and his shirts and pants hang longer than average. Thank you so much. Christine D., Santa Barbara, CA

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Samira W., West Sacremento, CA
This website is easy, just like the name! I'm not good at designing things, but on this website I was able to put together a great closet design for my teen daughter's room. When I found that there were 7 boxes I was apprehensive about having the closet installed by my husband and his friend, but the directions were so clear they had everything done within a few hours! The closet looks great and now my daughter has more than enough room for all her clothes and accessories. We also bought the slide-out belt rack...very handy! I would recommend this company to anyone - great quality that you just can't beat. I'm currently working on a design for my walk-in closet and plan to order from very soon. Samira W. Sacremento, CA.
Ellen C., San Diego, CA
Oh my gosh, I love my new closet. My husband and his buddy installed it this weekend. It is great, was easy to put in and i did the measuring (twice) so i kept my fingers crossed everything fit it and it did. Just love the new extra spaces. Thank you, Ellen C.
Mike L., Benecia, CA
I wanted you to know that I installed your product in both of my closets in 2 hours and 30 min. Your product was made to my exact measurements and fit like a glove. I'm in construction and know supperior workmanship when I see it. Thank you, Michael L.Construction Project Mgr.
Julie C., San Pedro, CA
I just installed my closet and I am absolutely pleased! The whole process was wonderful and I've been telling all my friends. My favorite part was designing the closet with your user-friendly web site. Thanks so much! Julie C. San Pedro, CA.
Wendy M., San Rafael, CA
I am writing to let you know how pleased we were with our service from Easy Closets. We are currently in the midst of a major remodel – working with your employees has been one of our best and easiest experiences to date – ordering items on-line, sight unseen can be a little challenging, but not with your team. We placed an order with Easy Closets back in late December, early January. Ivan was our designer/customer service representative. He was totally responsive and extremely helpful in our designing needs. After we placed our order, I noticed an error on one of the items, which he corrected immediately. We received our items in a timely manner, but the cabinets for the laundry room were not actually installed until a few weeks ago. When our contractor began the installation process, he noticed two pieces were missing. I immediately contacted Ivan again, who referred me to someone in the post-sales department. Once again, I was amazed how helpful and kind your employees are – the customer service representative from the post-sales group (I think his name was Tom, but I am not sure) immediately shipped the missing pieces, without any issues. Thank you again for your great service – very high compliments to Ivan and Tom. Kind regards, Wendy M.
Cameron P., Studio City, CA
Just want to thank you for the well designed system and the packaging was laid out great...took my husband, brother and I a little time to put it together, but it was well worth the time. maybe a note on how important it is to recycle the packing cardboard would be good.
Sheri O., Canyon Country, CA
Hi i just wanted to praise Luis at extension 171. He knew exactly what i wanted and worked with me to make a hutch and shelves for my Disney room and a crafters desk for my office. I love them both! He is very awesome and wonderful. Thanks a bunch, Sheri O.
Kathleen Y., San Diego, CA
Dear Easyclosets, I have designed and purchased two closets on your website and am writing to let you know how impressed I have been with the service I received from your company. For both closets, I received a call from a customer service agent to double check on my design and ensure that the drawer units had sufficient space to open. Your website was very easy to use and made it fun to design my own custom closet. In addition, the parts all arrived on the scheduled date, the boxes were nicely packaged, so as not to damage the parts, and every part was included. I also want to thank you for the ease in which these closets can be assembled. My husband travels for work and I was able to assemble both closets by myself in about a day each. The instruction manual was easy to read and it explained the assembly process in clear terms with the use of very helpful pictures. In closing, I want to thank you for the excellent service I received from your company. I will definitely recommend to all my friends and family. I am also enclosing some extra parts I did not use. I have kept some extras in case I need to make some modifications, but I am returning the ones that I do not need in hopes that you can reuse them and not have them go to waste. Sincerely, Kathleen Y. San Diego, CA
Riki S., Los Altos, CA
We love this company! We just moved into a new house without any closets built out so we had a lot to do. From designing help to replacement parts for some pieces that were damaged in route, they have been great! The customer service is wonderful and the product is great. Our 5 closets are beautiful. Thank you Easy Closets!
Kim M. , Calgary, Alberta, CA, CA
We just wanted to say a BIG thanks! New are now enjoying our new closet and pantry - thanks to EasyCloset. The design process was a snap - the support that we received from your support number was terrific. The order was shipped as promised and arrive exactly when it was expected. Within a few short hours, we had both the closet and pantry assembled. Everything was there and the instructions were easy to follow. In addition - we actually saved $2,000 from a local supplier which is a great bonus. Thank you EasyCloset - we will definitely recommend your website and service. Kim M. Calagary, Alberta, Canada
Courtney S., San Francisco, CA
My husband and I just bought our first home and he graciously offered to take the smaller of the two bedroom closets. We are in an 1890s building, so we are talking *small* here. He's never had a closet that really worked, so I was determined to make the most of it. I did a bunch of research on custom closet solutions as well as what was on offer at some other major retailers who offer closet systems and the like, and chose Easy Closets because they had great prices, a very fast turnaround time, free shipping, and MOST IMPORTANTLY they didn't have pre-set unit widths, so we could fully utilize every single one of the few inches we had. The online design tool took a bit of exploration to totally figure out, but eventually I had put together everything he needed for less than $300. I ordered, it shipped the next day and arrived in a week. The installation was pretty straightforward even though it was hard to tell exactly what was going on inside those old warped walls and where the studs were. But once I got the track installed, everything else fit together perfectly. It looks clean and professional, and my husband loves it. And so do I. Which is why after 3 months of showing his off to every friend who came to see our new place, and being a bit jealous that he had such a great closet, I designed and ordered one for myself. Only this time the walls were so warped that the end panels just would not sit flush against the walls at the width I had measured, and it turned out the closet needed to be about 1/2" shorter than what I had ordered. I figured the easiest way to accomplish this was to replace the two horizontal panels in the hanging rod section. I called Easy Closets customer service, and they offered to send out the two new, shorter panels at no additional charge. Great product, great price, and great service -- you can't ask for better than that.
Greg J., Placerville, CA
We had 4 closets, 2 reach-in and 2 walk-in. Your documentation was superb. After a learning curve on the first closet, we got used to the process and we were pros by the last one. Your product is excellent, the installation went well, and we are very pleased with the results!!
Steve S., San Francisco, CA
Just installed the first of four closets to test your system -- here is my experience: 1) online design tools are very good 2) options and pricing easy to configure/understand 3) communications = very good 4) shipping data timely and accurate 5) installation took 2 hours but i had to customize around some nailers 6) result is excellent and cost efficient we'll be getting the other 3 closets configured and ordered soon. Steve
Dave V., Danville, CA
I've had occasion to deal with 3 different individuals at your organization and each one of them was not only knowlegable and helpful, but also extremely professional and friendly. I do a fair amount of shopping on the internet and unfortunately, too often the characteristics of the "customer service" you encounter is just the opposite of the experience I've had so far with EasyClosets. I know you don't know me from Adam, but I very rarely take the time to provide feedback (good or bad) to any of the places/sites where I shop. I just wanted to send you a quick note with some positive feedback and to let you know that you have one very happy customer. Keep up the good work!
Sandrine M., La Jolla, CA
Hi all, I ordered a system for one of my closet and after setting up yesterday, I was so happy that I decided to send you some feedback. Before I did so, I wanted to make a list of what I liked about the process and what I disliked, just to make this more credible. I am happy to tell you that I still have not find anything not to like about the whole process and finished product! The design and ordering process was fun and simple, the manufacturing was super fast - I ordered on a Sunday night and everything was at my door the next Friday morning! The instructions were easy to follow, the packaging was great and all arrived in perfect condition. The assembly was painless - (removing the 30 years old shelves and rod was in fact the most painful part). All in all, it was really great and I am now ready to move on to my 2 next closets. Thanks so much for offering such a great service and product. Regards, Sandrine
Joe G., Redlands, CA
Dear EasyClosets: May I just take a moment to say how pleased we are with the installed EasyClosets product. Not only that, but also, how grateful I am for the way your company accommodated our needs and made sure the units fit and assembled properly. Thank you EasyClosets. Joe G.
Lisa H., Fallbroock, CA
I received the shipment of my new closet. It was a little intimidating with all the boxes but once I opened them and read the instructions, I realized it was really quite easy to install. I am very happy with the results and am now enjoying my neat and organized closet. I would absolutely refer people to your company. As a matter of fact, I have a friend who does remodels and I recommended your company for jobs he may have in the future. Even if he doesn’t do the install, he could refer the homeowner to your company. I had a questions when I was ordering and both of the designers I spoke with were very friendly and helpful. Thank you, Lisa H. Fallbroock, CA
Lynne W, Fallbrook, CA
Dear Debbie at EasyClosets Desgin, Just wanted to let you know that we installed my husband's new closet system and it's perfect! In fact it's elegant and spacious as well as functional. We are recommending Easy Closets to all our family, friends and neighbors. THANK YOU for your insightful design -- you are the reason it turned out perfect. Without you I would have made many amateur mistakes. I also want to THANK YOU for listening patiently to my input and translating it into the perfect design solution. Sincerely, Lynne
Mike and Mary F., Simi Valley, CA
I just wanted to send a quick note about the closet we just completed and your design, order and ship process. First, we love the closet! It came out looking exactly as we expected. The design process was very easy to do online. Second, the speed with which the order was completed was impressive! Finally, it was amazing to see the entire 550+ pound order arrive via UPS with incredible "green" packaging. Rather than a bunch of styrofoam and packing peanuts, we received recyclable cardboard and paper products!!! Wow! There was truly little to no waste that would make its way to our landfill. An excellent job all around! Kudos to you! A great product at a great price and environmentally friendly! Regards, Mike and Mary F.
Roger D, Simi Valley, CA
I would recomend without hesitation these closets for anybody personal or professional. A simple assembaly with terrific customer support and quality products. Five stars! Roger D. Simi Valley, CA
Cathy G., Pasadena, CA
My contractor installed my easycloset today and it is just fantastic. It looks great and it provides everything that I was looking for. Great product!!!
Bruce P., Northridge, CA
The complete experience was terrific. I measured my reach in closets, your designer (Tracey) sent back plans the following day, we spoke on the phone and changed just a few things, she sent me revised plans while I was on the phone and we were set. Your pricing was very fair, especially compared to the big names. The boxes arrived within a week and I set to work. Very clear, easy to follow installation instructions, and the final results are top notch. Thanks. Bruce
Jody S, Los Olivos, CA
What an awesome company. It is so refreshing to receive a superior product and get the high level of customer support that your company delivers. I have already installed two closets and I just ordered two more. I will be telling all of my friends about your product. EasyClosets has really found the secret to success...a great product and outstanding customer service. I hope your company is in business for a long, long time! Thanks especially to Melissa, John and Tom who worked with me at various times. Jody S.
Amy M., Sunnyvale, CA
I installed my closet today, and it looks great. I work in technical writing and software usability, so I'm a stickler when it comes to installation documentation and website navigation. Your website was very easy to use and your instructions were both clear and thorough. And you included plenty of screws with the closet! (I always end up needing a few extras.) I will definitely be ordering more of your closet systems as we remodel our home.
Robyn I., San Diego, CA
I love your company! Your online design tool was so simple, I designed my closet in 15 minutes. Then, I called and talked to such a friendly customer service person who helped put the finishing touches on for free. She also sent out a sample kit which was professionally packaged and just confirmed that you were a quality company. Our closet system arrived (22 boxes!) exactly when I was told it would - 1 week later. It was packaged so well and so carefully that every item was in perfect condition when we unpacked. I have a large walk in closet and the total time to install was approx 8 hours. Nothing was too difficult, and everything fit together perfectly. it was worth it, the closet is beautiful and so functional AND I paid 1/3 the cost a large West Coast based closet franchise quoted!! I have told so many friends about your company. I hope to get you pictures of the closet soon!
Angela H., Redwood City, CA
Thank you, Easy Closets! My condo closet is a non-rectangular strange-shaped beast and your designer Debra made it work so beautifully that I get compliments all the time. I'm so glad that no one else would get near this project. Closet Company #1, sold at a national chain store, only works with rectangular closets. The franchised company that was already in there, Closet Company #2, was a terrible use of space. A very large well known national franchise's consultant, Closet Company #3, took one look and immediately said he couldn't do any better. Thank you for being my only choice, because no one else could have maximized the space so well. Also, I love that the closets are off the floor, so we can easily change the carpet/flooring.
Judy F., Ojai, CA
Hello and THANK YOU so much for designing such a wonderful product. I ordered four closets from you earlier this month and I had to tell you how easy they went in. The most difficult part of the installation was measuring for the track, (I had my husband do that, hee-hee). The rest of the installation was so easy, I still can't believe it. That isn't all...they look fantastic! Oh, and I should mention how nicely packed and organized the merchandise was. The whole process was so simple and everything went in so easily I still can't believe it. Again, thank you so much! I would highly recommend your closets to everyone who is living with an old standard closet. Sincerely, Judy F., Ojai, CA
Birgitta M., San Rafael, CA
Dear Ivan: I think I forgot to tell you when we spoke how beautiful our closet turned out even though we have a little bit more to do. We love it. You were terrific in helping us design it. Not only that, but you are a terrific person to deal with. Also, EasyCloset's service is just incredible, wow! We so appreciate everything you have done for us. We will definitely spread the word about you out here in California. Again, thank you so very much. Birgitta
Chris F., Pleasant Hill, CA
I just want to tell you how happy we are with all of our closets. We priced out three other companies before going with you and yours was the most reasonably priced and easiest to install. We love the quality and it's one of the things we show people when we tour our new remodel. It was so worth it and we feel so much more organized. Your support staff was very helpful and I would also like to complement the website design team. The site is extremely easy to navigate and fun to design. Good job. Thanks again and I have been referring you to many of my friends. Chris F. Pleasant Hill, CA.
Aaron C., Fremont, CA
Tracey - Long story short - the boxes arrived exactly when you said, and I managed to hustle my way through the install in a single weekend. I've attached some before/afters for you - thanks again for all your help with the design and shipping! I know this can't have been a 'vanilla sale'. :) Thanks again! :) Aaron

Customer Photos:
John P., Oceanside, CA
When shipment arrived around noon, I already had old shelving removed and walls repainted. I made many mistakes on installation, but was able to easily disassemble and start over. by evening of the next day I was done and moving the clothes back in. I was so pleased that I immediately ordered shelving for my other bedroom closet which was just as quick and easy to install.
Ray F., Auburn, CA
My wife and I wanted nice closet organizers at a reasonable price. The retail stores we went to did not satisfy our goals. We even tried the online design tool a large Home Supply chain provides, but, were not impressed. Then we found EasyClosets and everything fell into place. The design tools on the web site is first class. Their customer service helped us every step of the way. The most amazing part of the whole process was the ease of installation. I would recommend this company(and already have) to anyone looking to install closet organizers. You cannot beat the service, product, and cost.
William A., Woodland, CA
Hi Easy Closets-- Just ordered my first closet from you. Worked with Debra (ext. 103) who was terrific & helped me take my initial design to a much better conclusion. Debra was wonderful to work with & so eager to help me that I would gladly recommend Easy Closets to others as my brother-in-law (a general contractor) recommended it to me. Can't wait to receive my new closet & get started. Thanks again, Bill A.
Lori C., Apple Valley, CA
We have purchased 2 closet organizers from you & LOVE both of them. They are so EASY to install & gave me the organization that I needed for 2 unusual closets. I highly recommend EasyClosets to everyone I know. Lori C, Apple Valley, California
Karen B., Vacasville, CA
I was a little concerned about buying such a large purchase over the internet, however, there was no need! The product came (27 boxes!!! - my UPS man wasn't too happy that day!). It took my husband and me a whole day to do a walk-in closet, but it was worth it. The closet is unbelievable - a showcase! Only one piece with minor damages, and we were able to hide it with a shelf. This is REALLY a superior product. Thank you EasyClosets. Oh, and you saved me a bundle!
Steve and Sandra D., Moorpark, CA
We decided to remodel our closet a couple of months ago. Your staff was so helpful during the design phase. What an easy and painless process. We were pleased with how quickly our components arrived and how simple you have made the installation. It took a couple of days with the two of us working at it but not really difficult. It turned out beautiful! We thought you would like to see the finished project. Notice that we switched out all of our assorted hangers for the thin ones that have a sueded finish. These work great for everything except skirts which require clips to hold them. By using these hangers we gained a few more inches of hang space on each rod. Thanks again for making this a pleasant and satisfying project. Steve and Sandra D.

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Martin C., Las Altos, CA
The entire process of reading your website, custom designing all the closets in my home, receiving the merchandise, and installing the closet systems was so user-friendly and yes, even enjoyable, that I would give Easy Closets my highest recommendation. I had a few custom design questions regarding the optional pants rack, which I could not find the answers to on the website, but these questions were answered promptly, expertly, and courteously by your design consultant, Tom, at extension 124. Tom went over my entire order and gave some suggestions that "fine tuned" the installation to be a truly custom, professional design. I was very pleased as to the professionalism and courtesy of his consultation compared with the usual level of technical support available by phone and Internet today. After installing the closets, I did notice that there was a slight manufacturing defect on the edge of one of the cam shelves. I mentioned this to Tom and he stated that he would send out a replacement shelf immediately together with some additional laminate tape and touch up liquid for any other defects throughout the other closets. I could not ask for better after sales support than this. You are a great company, have a wonderful product, and make it a pleasure to deal with an online, on phone, company with fantastic consultants like Tom. Martin C. Las Altos, CA
Michelle M., San Diego, CA
Tracey at Extn. 174 was excellent. She was patient, professional, smart and helpful. I am very pleased with her personalized service and your wonderful product. I have told many people about your company (& Tracey @ extn 174) and how easy it is to work with you. Thank you!
Kristin and Fred C., Valley Springs, CA
We LOVE our new closet! (EC: This family purchased a large walkin closet.)
Kevin S., San Francisco, CA
OK, I got everything squared away and properly installed. I hired a contractor to put this together as I had some concerns about my skills and the installation of the ironing board and hamper. Turns out - I should have just done everything myself. He installed cam shelves wrong throughout - we had to undo almost all his work and put things together correctly. Thank you for your great product, though. We're happy!
Robert M., Salinas, CA
I have been meaning to write you for some time concerning our closet. I can't tell you how pleased my wife and I are with the end results. Everything fit like a glove even with one wavy wall. Your instructions about taking accurate measurements were certainly on target. Even the filler shelves that go between the main wall units and the end wall unit were a perfect fit. I honestly don't know what you could do to improve on what we received! Our closet capacity increased by 40%. Thanks so much for an excellent product.
William and Laura C., Napa, CA
No question, just a thank you for your product. We had fun designing our closet then completing the install. Everything arrived in the boxes (and even additional parts!), I was able to follow the directions and easily assemble the units. Everything fit together cleanly and tightly. I will recommend Easy Closet to my friends and family. A great product. Your website was really great as well. So easy to use with options and materials. It was a pleasure to use and to now use our closet. Many thanks again. William and Laura C. Napa, CA
Mary P., San Jose, CA
I ordered a closet system for my master bedroom after working with the very helpful consultant. I planned on getting a friend to help me install it, but when it arrived I thought I'd try it myself. It worked beautifully - I am a 58 year old female and I did the whole installation myself. Drawers, pants rack, shelves, poles. I am now planning the next one for the guest bedroom. I highly recommend it - you need a hacksaw, a level, and a drill. The result is super!
Rick K, Palm Desert, CA
I want to thank you and the complete team at Easyclosets for helping make my remote project a success. The stuff arrived right on time as you indicated it would. It was package and labeled like nothing I have ever seen before assuring its safe arrival. The quality of the materials is outstanding. The Easyclosets post sales support team was very helpful each time I called and my finished product if beautiful. I am very happy I went with you recommendation on dealing with the diagonal wall too. The final piece was a perfect fit end to end. I am extremely happy and will purchase in the future again.
Danin C., San Jose, CA
Great quality and great customer service. I initially went into the container store and started looking at their ELFA product, and then eventually got a design drafted up in store. I sent that design into and they came up with an identical design in only a couple of days. The quote was slightly more than the ELFA quote, but their product is of significantly better quality. It is comparable to container stores TCS closets, but roughly ½ the price. Install was doable, but no small feat. Several friends have asked where I got my wall closet since it looks so nice. Highly recommended!
Kristeli B., Long Beach, CA
We just installed our third and biggest closet with your product this weekend. Thanks for great instructions and product. I'm not sure how long it took as we have a 9 month old that interrupts a bit. But basically in a day.

Customer Photos:
Grace S., San Francisco, CA
Just wanted to share a photo of my new closet. It only cost $370, and took about three hours for my husband and me to assemble it. I'm very happy with the product. It was about 1/4 of the price the closet companies wanted to charge. I now have the closet of my dreams, and I have money left over to put clothes in it.

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Randall B., Laguna Beach, CA
I ordered 2 more closets from you recently. They were great, as usual…
Helen B., Thousand Oaks, CA
Just FYI - Thank you for your great customer service today regarding the above referenced order. My handyman was installing them today and noticed we were 1 board short. You said it would be sent in 3 days. I received my order just when you said I would. The closets are easy to install. The look nice and I am very happy with them. Helen
Lori C., Alpine, CA
I just wanted to thank you for an excellent job. I ordered my closet and saved over two thousand dollars. I just love it. We had all the parts we needed and the finished product was just like my plans. I would highly recommend you to my friends. Thank you for giving me the closet I always wanted.
John B., San Deigo, CA
Just wanted to say that I'm very pleased with the results of my closet buildout. I found your web site extremely valuable in allowing me to experiment with various designs and see the outcome immediately. Also, I was impressed that not only did all the necessary parts arrive in the shipment…, but you actually included extras where you thought they might be useful -- unbelievable!
Jan W., Torrance, CA
After receiving several outrageous estimates from other closet companies, I decided to purchase our closets and laundry room cabinets for our brand new house from you. I worked with Bill Burke, one of your design consultants, to come up with the best design for the size of areas we had to work with. He was very helpful. Our order came in the form of 30 boxes on Christmas Eve -- and only three days after I placed it. Fortunately, detailed instructions and job summary sheets showed up in "box #1," which helped make the project not quite so daunting. Everything was there -- all the hardware, all the right pieces and accessories. We started with the two bedroom reach-in closets, worked our way through the master bedroom closet and then on to the laundry room. It took us a total of about 2.5 days to put it all together, but, after we got the "hang" of it, everything went together without a hitch. Thank you so much! Our new home is now completed and we love our closets. We hope to purchase some additional accessories to complete our project. Thank you.
Vicki S., Idyllwild, CA
FYI: I designed our closet unit on your website. It was so easy. I really liked that I could experiment with various ideas. I ordered over the phone and received my 9 boxes right on time. My intent was to install it myself, however, It did require more "muscle assistance" than I expected from my husband. Everything went together as planned. I did make a mistake and did not measure our closet in 3 places front and back...I know better. BUT is all worked out. We altered the shelves on one end and things came out perfectly. The only two suggestions that I would find helpful in the future; We had to read the directions several times before really grasping what we needed to do. More illustrations might have been helpful. Secondly, the cam screws (single) striped out way too easily. Thank goodness you sent an ample number of screws. We have not actually completely filled our closet with clothes, we are in that process now, however, I must tell you, so far we are most pleased. Thank you for your quick response to my questions on email and to my phone calls. You gave me confidence in the product and support. Sincerely, Vicki S.
Nick M., Salinas, CA
I am very pleased your product. At first glance the 18 boxes of materials looked overwhelming and I had second thoughts about my purchase. But after reviewing the plans, instructions and a couple calls to technical support everything went well. Customer service and technical support staff were not only pleasant but very helpful with my design and installation questions. All the components fit as they should and I completed the installation of a one walk-in closet and one reach-in closet in less than one 8-hour work day. I will be ordering two additional closets (entry & hall) in the near future. Thank you for delivering on a great product.
Tom F., Sacramento, CA
I would just like to say how wonderful my new closet you created is ! really ! .I can not believe how much space, organization and ease this project was .Yes their were a lot of boxes and parts but the best Investment I have ever made for a closet. I just wanted to thank your staff for all they do. Happy holidays!! GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!
Stanfell B., Thousand Oaks, CA
I would like to congratulate you on a fine, cost effective product that has met our needs completely. The look is professional despite the installer (me) being an amateur. My wife was skeptical at first and it took some persuasion for her to look at something other than the local and expensive ($$$$) closet companies in California. Now she is totally delighted and satisfied with the product, and very pleased that she got her cherry look without the cherry price. Of course, I paid the price by having to spend my weekend on installation, but your product is so well thought out that even I was able to put together a complex design without disaster, and in a reasonable amount of time. My thanks go to Mike the designer who gave me good insights into the preliminary design and helped me add the island. But even more so to Becky who patiently explained the nuances of closet design so that we wound up with such wife-pleasing features as radius verticals (a must in her opinion). She also responded quickly to a last minute mistake on my part and was able to make the necessary changes in the final order, making sure we got exactly what we wanted. I'll send some photos when I finish the final details but I wanted you to know early our total satisfaction with your offering. Thanks for a great product with great service!
Anna B., Modesto, CA
You guys have been great! EasyClosets.Com has been a lifesaver to my bank account! Thanks again for all your help.
Ray N., Rocklin, CA
Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding design service and closets. I was hesitant to order online but after reading the customer testimonials (with so many on your website I figured that many people could not be wrong) and talking with your designers I was convinced of the quality of your product. In addition, the price I paid was half of the "free installation" quote that I received from my local franchise. The closets were delivered on time to California and were straight forward to install by my dad and me. After a weekend of work (~16 hours) I had two children's rooms complete and a wonderful master closet. We are now ready to have our new son in about two weeks! Thank you for helping us get organized!
Krishnadev T., Berkeley, CA
Great job guys! The closets were ordered on the 13th, arrived on the 21st, and are installed on the 22nd. Packed nicely, no dings/scratches, and it's been great doing business with you. They were simple to install, the instructions are clear, concise, and thorough. My wife used to be a closet designer for a national closet franchise, and she is impressed as well. Now that, takes some doing. What can I say? I'm very impressed, pleased and very grateful. Thanks, John.
Jim D., San Jose, CA
I ordered the closet last week, received and installed it yesterday. The whole process couldn't have been easier. The instructions were thorough and easy to follow. In the meantime I'm still waiting for a return call from [my local closet franchise] Thanks for a great product!
David E., Red Bluff, CA
The real test of a company is how they handle a mistake. I recently ordered a set of closet inserts for my new home. By mistake, the master closet (designed by one of your online designers) did not work. Your company went well beyond my expectations in re-designing this insert and shipping me the new pieces to fix it. I received the corrected items within 3 days. Thanks for a great job. You can count me as one very happy and satisfied customer.
Yvette W., Corona, CA
Just wanted to let you know that my busy schedule finally permitted me to complete my closet. YEA and BEAUTIFUL ARE THE WORDS FOR TODAY!!!! But those words are an understatement.

Please tell Scott THANK YOU for me as his assistance made everything come together. I've received a lot of exercise walking up and down the ladders but every inch of wall space has been utilized and it LOOKS GREAT! Oh, but I did tile the top of my island just to add a little something extra.

You'll be hearing from me soon as my husband and children want their closets done as well. So does my sister.

Okay I'm going back to work now. THANKS AGAIN!
Don H., Santa Cruz, CA
The closet parts arrived last Monday (2/27) and I put them together over the weekend. Everything fit perfectly! We had recently installed a wood floor and recessed ceiling lights and painted the closet. But when I finished with the closet insert yesterday, Wow, what a transformation. It makes you just want to stand in the closet and look around.
Steve D., Torrance, CA
I ordered closet organizers for my entire house last month. The order was shipped promptly and the order was correct the first time. During the installation, I cut two of the closet rods too short. I just got off of the phone with "Tom" and he took care of it quickly and easily. Dealing with him on the phone was a great experience. I can't remember the last time I was able to get something accomplished so easily when calling any company's customer service line. I had looked at a number of companies for closet organizers and happened across your ad in This Old House magazine. I thought the promises of price, service and quality were too good to be true. But, I was completely wrong. I am glad I took a chance and used your company. I have already forwarded your information on to several friends. Thank you for your product and your employees.