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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers.
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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers regarding their closet installation experience. offers no incentives for customer stories.

Stories From Georgia:

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Laura S., Athens, GA
Hi, I am an interior designer and I love your product I have used it in my own closet and when clients see it in my portfolio or at my house they are absolutely floored by how beautiful and organized it is. I have it set up like a designer boutique so that I am inspired to wear all my fabulous clothes...thanks again for the wonderful product!

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Tim H., Deluth, GA
We just finished our new Master Closet... and it has turned-out great! We could not be more pleased. We are also very pleased with the service and product of Easy Closets. Thanks to Scott and your sales and support team.
Douglas H., Peachtree City, GA
I have finally finished my closet and wanted to let you know how pleased I am. Both product and customer support are excellent. I would absolutely recommend your company services to my neighbors. Doug H.
Bill M., Hiawassee, GA
Overall: Great product, highly recommend! Why I chose EasyClosets (EC): Real wood design was 2x-3x more expensive, a professional Melamine installer was 1.5x more expensive (for a 5/8 inch thick poorer quality product instead of the 3/4 inch EC superior product), and the National Brand offered at the two largest home improvement chain stores that is MUCH POORER quality with little difference in price. Uncut Melamine boards, though inexpensive, were too difficult for me to work with. Design of closet: Online design program is pretty good. Some problems, though, so a "Design Expert" is helpful to make sure your design is okay. I spoke with three different EC experts, each offering good suggestions to improve the design. Delivery: In 3 days from day of order. Arrived in 33 boxes, well packaged, all of which I could lift easily by myself. Had one damaged package and EC sent a furniture pen to touch up the damaged area. Also, two boards were not cut correctly and new ones were sent - they also arrived in 3 days - no charge. Post-sale employees very helpful, pleasant. Recommendations: 1. Use EasyClosets. 2. Get the free sample kit if you're not sure of the quality or color you might want. 3. Use at least one design expert to help you. There are subtle things that should be done/not done to organize your space well. They know what these things are. I thought I had it right until I spoke with them. They are very helpful and very pleasant. 4. Order the radius vertical panels, they look good and there's less chance for injury. 5. Double check the measurements (especially heights) before you order. The online software will change things without you realizing it, and once you order, it's yours.... 6. Have fun with the installation. It's not too difficult.
Debbie R., Kennesaw, GA
I just wanted to write and say how pleased we were with our order! It was so easy to install. The quality is excellent. The customer support was awesome. From design to installation it was great. Thank you for a great product and service. Debbie R.
Bill and Tammy C., Dawsonville, GA
Our master bedroom closet looked so professional after we installed EasyClosets! The installation was not difficult, and we could not be happier with the new cherry-finish custom closet system that replaced the ugly plastic-coated wire shelving we had before. And we saved almost $1000 compared to other quotes we had gotten! A wonderful experience in every way. Thank you! Bill and Tammy C. Big Canoe, GA
Kim B., Atlanta, GA
Easy is the best company for closet organization with regards to quality, variety, affordability, design services and customer support. Gloriajean was great in helping me improve my original design. Definitely recommend her to anyone thinking about designing a closet. And Post Sales Customer Support has been fantastic! Thanks again. Kim B.
Steve G., Atlanta, GA
We just finished installing our closets. They are awesome and now very well organized. The installation instructions were great. After I did my first one, I just went through the others with no issue. One more to do in my condo in Atlanta. It was delivered last week. Thank you!! Steve
Eric K, Smyrna, GA
Hello, I highly recommend easyclosets. Online design and ordering was very easy and the materials were shipped quickly. The instructions were very good and I had no problems with the installation including having to shim the track. I have attached pictures of my project. Eric K, Atlanta, Ga
Lisa T., Alpharetta, GA
I cannot tell you how happy we are with the new closet! It is so beautiful. My husband, Ken, did a wonderful job. It took about 12 hours to complete this project and he rates it a 10 out of 10 experience. When you think about the logistics involved; the website, 3D design tool and assistance and the ordering, packaging and shipping, instructions, it is quite a terrifically run process! The personalized instruction booklet is perfectly done. He did wall A on Sunday. He did wall C on Monday after work. He did wall B Wednesday and Thursday after work. He did wall D yesterday and wall E today and it looks beautiful. The amount of increased storage is phenomenal and it makes you want to keep your clothes and shoes nice and neat! Bravo! Why would you get anything else? If you don't get Easy Closets, it's your own fault. Happy in Alpharetta, Georgia

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Brandon N., Ringgold, GA
Roz, I wanted to give you some feedback on the closets that Jenni and I ordered for our new house. We have both closets installed, and we could not be happier with the finished product. I'll admit that I initially was skeptical about the quality, fit, and finish of a closet system ordered from an online vendor, but the product you provided was excellent. Each of the 27 boxes that arrived was packed with care, and we did not have a single damaged piece upon arrival. Every fastener and component was included, and I did not have to make any annoying runs to the hardware store to get some critical part that was not included in the system (a problem that I have experienced several times in the past). Your mounting system is very stout, and I think that the shelves are going to be just as sturdy twenty years from now as they are today. As you can probably tell, I am very impressed with Easy Closets. We will certainly order more closet systems from your company as we continue to finish out the house. Thank you for providing a high-quality, easy to install product at a very reasonable price. Sincerely, Brandon N.
Mike B., Blairsville, GA
Dear Sirs, I could not be more pleased with my new Easy Closet closet organization system and the entire process that led to my easy and successful installation effort. The project began with my visit to your fantastic web site last Wednesday, 11/9/2011 afternoon. Had I had the necessary design talent and felt more confident with my computer abilities, I could have easily created my own design plan online. However, recognizing my limitations in those areas, I felt more comfortable with having a one-on-one conversation with one of your design specialists (Scott M)who could not have been more helpful, more friendly or more efficient in creating what has turned out to be the perfect answer to my longstanding organizational problems with my old former master bedroom closet. After some minor tweaking of Scott's design, necessary after I corrected my originally incorrect measurements, I placed my order the following day , received my nine-box kit here in Georgia late Tuesday afternoon 11/15 and installed it yesterday 11/16. The kit was complete with each panel and shelf cut to the exact size stated in the design and all the necessary hardware conveniently packaged. With my carpentry abilities being no better than my design or computer abilities, I was apprehensive as I started the installation phase of this project. However, once I successfully hack-sawed the steel track into the appropriate lengths, the balance of the installation was a breeze. Included with my kit materials was an "extra" panel used as packing filler that matched my Chestnut kit which I was able to use to add additional shelves to one section of the closet. The only problem with that idea was that panel came with no finished edges. One call to your customer service department this morning solved that issue when Tom offered to send me, free of charge, enough easy-to-install Chestnut edging tape which when installed will complete my project. I spent thousands of dollars on professionally installed closet organization systems in two closets when my new master bedroom addition was built over ten years ago. My new Easy Closet cost less than $630 and the old master bedroom closet is now as beautiful and efficient as they are ... at a fraction of the cost! Thank you for everything. If I knew how to operate a digital camera and forward photos to you electronically I would do so. However, since I lack those talents, I hope these words sufficiently covey my complete satisfaction with your product and your customer service. Sincerely, Mike B. Blairsville, GA
Laura H, Valdosta, GA
I'm so excited about my closet - it looks awesome! Thanks for all you help Tracey. It didn't take long to put together and the instructions were easy to understand. I just want to stay in my closet all the time!!
Brian W., Atlanta, GA
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can't tell you how much my wife and I are enjoying our new closet system. The whole process of designing, ordering, receiving and installing couldn't have been better. Usually when you do something to save over $500 (our savings vs other closet systems was $850) you expect to have to go through a lot of extra time and effort. Given that I am FAR from a handy guy, I was a bit intimidated by the 18 boxes that were shipped to us, but much to my wife's surprise I was able to fully install the closet in under 6 hours! We've already recommended your products to three other people who are doing remodels. Thanks again for such a wonderful product!!
Sheila S., Sanford, GA
Dear Easy Closet, We just wanted to thank our designer (Luis) for all his help with the measurements and design of our master bedroom closet. This MBR closet began with little more room than your standard kids walk-in closet and now that we gained the space from the next door toilet room - the closet more than tripled its original size! Once Luis and I went over my primary goal - which was to maximize hanging spaces, it was a breeze. The only thing that was curious to us and our contractor that helped with the installation, was that the CAM shelves - the bridges between the corners of each unit - were not on the diagrams. Once we finalized the design, and purchased it, we received the product in several days. The box containing the directions was hiding under other boxes, but we ultimately found it!! Thanks again, Sheila S.