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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers.
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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers regarding their closet installation experience. offers no incentives for customer stories.

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( offers no incentives for customer stories)
Terri C, Lowell, MA
Tracey, our design consultant, was a fantastic help with helping us redesign the master bedroom closet I've had on file for 4+ years. The overall experience was great! The materials for the two closets we were working on came within two days. My husband and I took about two different weekends to install them - the first being the guest room closet, which required patching and painting before installing the closet. The install did take a bit longer since we did have a measuring mishap (TIP: Measure, measure, measure - and then check your measurements before you order). The master bedroom went a lot faster even with the patching/painting that was done beforehand as well. I am absolutely in love with these new closet systems and am now looking to upgrade the laundry area and the pantry :D Thanks for the wonderful experience!

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Jerry S., Athol, MA
I just wanted to say your companys service is the best of any place I've ever done business with. Your product is great and is always cut to perfect dimensions. If there is ever a flaw, you replace the part immediately and your customer service is always great and very pleasant. You are a top notch company and I will continue to send you orders and recommend you to my friends, family and customers in my own business. Thanks for everything, it is a pleasure doing business with you!
Yvette T, Holyoke, MA
We are so very happy with with our recent order. The installation was simple and the closet holds more and looks fantastic! Your company and product made this a very easy and simple project. We will definitly recommend and use your services in the future. Many thanks, Y.T.
Andreas M., Boston, MA
Hello: I recently ordered products from you for the complete overhaul of 2 closets in my home. I just wanted to convey how abolsutely delighted I am with your company, its products, quality, and service. I am so impressed with the speed and accuracy with which the order was filled, the amazing cost savings over another large famous closet company (and same if not better quality product), and the ease with which I was able to install the closets. My fiancee now thinks I have the skills of Bob Villa, but truth be told, it really was simple. I tell everyone about your company. Keep up the great work, and I wish you great success. You certainly have a new customer in me. Sincerely, Andreas M. Boston, MA
Nicole J., Acton, MA
Our closet is nearly 7' x 10' so this was a big project for us, including shelves, hanging space, baskets, hutch, drawers, tie/valet-pole/belt accessories, etc. The design program provided by EasyClosets made it easy and we worked with Scott R on your design team. Scott helped with a few concerns we had with our design; he was courteous, creative, and professional. The shipment was FAST and well packed, the product is very good quality (solid and well manufactured :-), and the closet install process was well documented and straight forward. Our closet looks absolutely fabulous! Wow! We will definitely use EasyCLosets again for any future projects.
Donna C., Norwell, MA
I have to tell you, It took me 7 months to save up for a closet system. My doors arrived last week and now the system is complete. I have never had anything so beautiful. My husband and I are simply amazed at how a built in/reach in made our bedroom look elegant and sophisticated. Thank you. Even your post sales supoort team was so helpful the three times I called with questions. I would recommend you to everyone. Please keep me updated for sales. Thank you, Donna
Paula N., Abington, MA
I love my clostets! The quality is excellent. The directions are easy to follow and the parts were all cut to desired lengths as ordered. I am a 65 year old woman and put them up without a hitch! Anyone looking to organize should consider this product. I'll be ordering again. Thank you.
Andrew H., Grafton, MA
I am writing to let you know how happy I am with the finished closet! We live in a circa 1830 antique house with very shallow and small closets, so I was a bit skeptical about using your service, thinking a customized solution and installation by a 'pro' would be necessary. Two years ago I used another large national company for my wife's closet for these reasons and the consultation, material and install cost me $1400. Last week we had our house assessed for refinancing and the guy remarked on how nice my wife's closet looked, as it added value. I decided to finally refurbish my own closet, but did not want to spend big bucks. I found your company through a keyword search on the Web. I still had to prep and paint the closet before installation, but your instructions and diagrams made it easy to install and took me only 3 hours. And I saved over $1000 compared (to that other company)! It looks awesome. Andy H. Grafton, MA
Doug T., Jamaica Plain, MA
I just can't say enough good things about your company. I placed my order for your closet system on a Monday, and the components were delivered on Wednesday! Each box was clearly labeled on the outside so I never had to "hunt" for anything. Your directions are a snap to follow. I don't consider myself "handy" but I was able to istall a 6 foot closet with double hanging and shelves in less than two hours...and with no mistakes! It not only looks beautiful, but it functions beautifully too. I have ordered and insatlled your closets for firends and clients, and will continue to use and recommend your product. Simply put, you have the best customer service, period! Thank you!
Robyn and Jim C., Leominster, MA
We just wanted to tell you how much we love our new closets. We were a bit skeptical about spending this much money to buy items online, sight unseen, but we have to say, you more than lived up to your promises. Great quality in materials and craftsmanship, amazingly easy installation, quick delivery, bulletproof packaging, outstanding website and online design features…and you cannot even come close to the price anywhere else (trust us, we looked for a LONG time!). Now we wish we hadn’t waited so long. Our master bedroom closet looks and functions great, and look at how much useable space we got out of our front hall closet (so much better than just a single hanging rod). We even did the linen closets, and are equally happy with those. Now we can’t wait to do the closet in the new baby’s room next! Thank you for a great product. We constantly brag about our beautiful new closets to everyone we know, and will definitely recommend you to others.

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Belinda E., Edgartown, MA
We just got our easyclosets pantry. This was a project over which I had agonized for many years. I finally bit the bullet and found you online. Our pantry is beautiful and great. I love the design Scott did for us and he was great to work with. Ten times a day I walk into the room and smile. Id be glad to do a commercial for you! Meanwhile, we have a house in FL and I will contact Scott about our project there. Belinda E.
Dave H., Danvers, MA
You guys hit the nail on the head when you named yourselves EasyClosets. My wife and I ordered a system for our son's room. I have to tell you that I was truly impressed with everything from delivery, packaging, instructions, hardware, tools required, as well as the system itself. I think that it took me a little over 5 hours to install, but that was probably hindered by an enthusiastic two and a half year old. Thanks for a great product! Dave H.

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Gabriella S., Lexington, MA
We would like to share our experience with other potential customers: We bought 5 closets from last summer, and we are coming back for more! The quality/price ratio is by far the best on the market. And we did our homework: we extensively researched California Closets and Closet Factory. Bottom line: Easyclosets offered pretty much the same product in melamine at a small fraction of the price. It is true that the other companies offer an installed product, but installation is really easy: if we can do it, so can you! The installation gets slightly tricky only when drawers are involved, but everything else is really trivial. The hardest part for us was to saw the metal bracket that needs to be hung to the wall to the correct length. It is not conceptually difficult: it just takes some muscles which we do not quite have. I wonder why the back rail does not come already pre-cut since the measurements are known in advance. Everything else only requires assembly (Ikea-level skill set is plenty enough). Another advantage of this company is that they are FAST: we received our closets 2-4 days after we placed the order online. For comparison, the closet that we ordered at Closet Factory took 5 weeks to begin installation. Then, they realized that the molding would not be ready in time, and had to come back again 2 weeks later. Then, they realized that the handles we ordered did not fit, and they had to come back once again to install the correct handles. No accidents like this when you do the installation yourself. The online software is FANTASTIC - this is what grabbed my attention first: I could see my closet before my eyes and I could create many versions of it and compare again and again without having the company designer rolling her eyes while I was trying to make a decision. Suggestion 1: take your time to REALLY learn how to use the software, including customization of your product. Things are much more customizable than they appear at first sight. I played with it for weeks before making up my mind and it was time well spent, the closets look gorgeous! We recently had our neighbors over to visit the house and they were very impressed with our closets. They couldn't believe we did the installation ourselves in a couple of weekends. They asked for the web address of Easyclosets. I bet they will order theirs really soon! Suggestion 2: order one closet first (the smallest and least used) and install it to get familiar with the system. Use it for a couple of weeks, to understand how to make most out of the various components. After that, you will be ready for your big order! Suggestion 3: unpack your order when it arrives. Occasionally, some pieces arrive slightly damaged (it happened to us twice: normal, given the big order). We let the company know exactly what pieces were damaged (by email, no need to wait on the phone for a customer rep) and we received replacement parts in 48 hours at no additional cost. So efficient! Bottom line: EasyClosets is the best kept secret when it comes to making your home more beautiful and efficient on a pretty tight budget. I highly recommend it!
Lee D., Manchester , MA
Good Morning. We just finished installing our closet. Your product is great. The instructions were very clear. We had no missing parts! And best yet, my wife and I got through the entire project and still like each other! I have one issue and a request: 1. One of our 14 x 29-7-8 inch shelves came with a defective edge band. It would be great if you could send along another. 2. I screwed up on a dimension as I did not check the squareness of our old house. I need to order 2 cam shelves both 14 x 29 inches. This will solve my problem. Let me know the cost of these shelves. Other than that everything is great and I will use your produce again. I would also be interested in looking at your systems for our building business. Thank you. Lee D. NOTE: ALL PARTS NEEDED WERE SHIPPED AT NO COST!
Chris and Sue G, Belchertown, MA
We are so happy with our pantry! Tracey, our designer, was so helpful. She walked us through the design step by step, answered all of our questions( we had many)and made any changes we wanted. The order was shipped the NEXT day and we received it 2 days later. Our pantry was ordered, shipped and installed in less than a week. Now that's service! The shipping dept did a wonderful job packing and labeling each individual box. This made it so easy for us. We will definitely recommend your company to others. Thanks, Chris and Sue G.
Kim V, Worcester, MA
Hi Scott and Debra, I just wanted to send a quick note to say how THRILLED we are with our new closet! I had 3 of my students move the 29 boxes up to my bedroom and started building on Friday evening. My husband and I worked all day Saturday and I kept going until 2am. We put the finishing touches on yesterday, replaced baseboards and such, then populated the closet with all of the clothes and stuff - and we still have plenty of room! We were impressed with the quality of product, excellent instructions and ease of building. The only reason it took so long was that we had so much to do. The closet is absolutely beautiful and it was the last thing left to do in our newly restored (from a fire in 2010) home. Actually ... I still need some stuff in the laundry room and I will definitely be ordering from you in the spring! (no time to install before then). Thank you again! Kim V. Worcester, MA
Cedric T., Boston, MA
My hat is off to you! I have never done it before and it took a friend and I only 5 hours for two reach-in closets. Not to mention that I have a broken left thumb and I had a cast while doing it. I will recommend easyclosets to anyone I know. I just moved to a new apartment and I wanted to get beautiful closets. Not only it was affordable but it also looks professional. I love it.

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Jennifer G., Reading, MA
My husband and I installed one of your closets in our master bedroom this weekend. We are thrilled with it. After designing it online for over a year I finally had the confidence to place the order after speaking with your closet professionals. It quickly arrived two days later as promised. Installation was surprisingly manageable. We love the flexibility that the track system allows us in deciding which shelves go where, changing the location of rods, etc. I never thought I'd be saying I have too much space.Thank you for doing a great job of combining my ability as a consumer to shop and design online with having the professional customer service people available as well. Making large purchases on the web can be a risky endeavor and I couldn't be more pleased. Not only will my closet door not be closed on house tours, it will become a main attraction! Easyclosets is a true eCommerce success!

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Bill O., Reading, MA
I just wanted to write to tell you how happy I am with my new closet. After designing my walk-in closet online using your great design tool, I ordered the closet last Friday, and by Monday, the complete set of packages was delivered. Everything arrived in good order, and there was plenty of spare hardware to finish the job. As promised, the installation was very straightforward and the directions were clear. Now, one day later, our closet is installed and fully operational. It's perfect! My wife is thrilled. If I had built it myself, as I had planned to do, I'm sure it would have taken me many days. Even more importantly, I couldn't have matched the professional results of your closet. I have already recommended you to a friend who is building a new house, and I will continue to recommend your fine closet products.

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Jeffrey K., North Andover, MA
It has been a pleasure dealing with you guys. I intend to recommend your company to at least one million people...maybe more.
Jim D., Boston, MA
I want to thank you and your company for your awesome service and high quality products. Not only are your closets easy to install, but they look just like the closets priced three times higher at [my local mega-home center or local closet franchise]. The two closets I installed look fantastic and are the envy of my neighbors. I'm sure you'll be getting a lot more orders from South Boston, MA!
Sally B., Medfield, MA
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. This was the best on-line experience I have had. The system was simple to install and every part was there!! The pieces look great in our closet and the quality is top notch. Will gladly recommend to friends and family.
David S., Essex, MA
Hi Folks! I'm back... having designed and installed two of your walk in closets two years ago. They have worked out great, and we're very happy. Now I want...
Ellen L., Pocasset, MA
Thanks again for a superior product with a great installation. Really, the hardest part of the installation was taking down the old stuff!
Carla C., Edgartown, MA
We couldn't believe how easy it was to install our new closet system! Everything fit together perfectly and fit the space beautifully! Thank you for a wonderful product!