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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers.
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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers regarding their closet installation experience. offers no incentives for customer stories.

Stories From Maine:

( offers no incentives for customer stories)
Barbara D., Kennebunk, ME
We ordered our closet items a week ago Sunday and the 31 boxes arrived on Thursday of that same week - just as promised. We were already impressed by the speedy delivery even before we started going through the boxes. The packaging was incredible - it would be very hard to find damage due to shipping! We unpacked and sorted everything which was extremely easy given the very specific shipping labels on each box. We started to assemble everything first thing in the morning this past Sunday and within 10 hours had an absolutely fantastic closet. Unbelievable - ordered on Sunday and by the end of the following Sunday we had completed the entire project. The only item that we had a problem with was one drawer knob which had a defective screw - my husband found a substitute and took care of that minor issue. We love it! Fabulous product - We have sent pictures to our friends and they think it is a closet out of the "homes of the rich and famous". We definately will send customers your way! Thank you!
Mary Kate S., Hartland, ME
I just had to tell you that I really appreciated your team member Tracey - she helped to design my closet. She was great. Lots of neat ideas, very practical, suggested ways to save, ways to organize all the "stuff" we have. The closet design was tricky - it's about 200 square feet - but there are many angled walls, and a laundry area inside the closet. She had to create 9 different "walls". 1498 lbs shipment of 47 boxes!! Tracey was professional and patient and answered so many questions and was so willing to try different design options. It looks great, fits perfectly, great instructions. The first quote I got was $14,000 from a competitor (installed) and EasyClosets was $5400 then I paid 2 men 2 days to install... great product, very good price. It looks lovely. Tracey was terrific. Best, Mary Kate