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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers.
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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers regarding their closet installation experience. offers no incentives for customer stories.

Stories From Nebraska:

( offers no incentives for customer stories)
Mark and Trisha, Rushville, NE
Hi Tom, we are so happy with easy closets. The quality of laminate was just what we wanted, there was a bit of a learning curve with the first unit but then we put the other 2 together with no problems. Your services are really great, and would will recommend your closet organization to anyone. Thank you for your attentiveness. Love our new closet.

Customer Photos:
Kristin M., Bellevue, NE
Thank you easy closets! We can now enter 2 of our closets without cringing! My husband and I were extremely surprised at the ease of installation. We are planning to do 2 more closets! Kristin M. Bellevue, NE
Barry and Kristin M., Bellevue, NE
We want to let you know how much we are enjoying our new Easy Closets. We purchased systems for two closets in our home. We were leery about making such a large purchase on the internet but are so pleased that we did! My husband and I are not really that handy, but installed the systems with very little difficulty and no arguments. Projects like this usually trigger at least one disagreement with us! The first closet took us about 3 hours to install. We kept rereading the directions to make sure we did not mess anything up! The directions were great and everything turned out perfectly! Our second closet took about the same amount of time, even though we had three walls, instead of one, to install! We briefly had to check the directions to clarify the steps our second time through. Basically, we remembered what to do at that point! The systems, that your designer created, increase the capacity of our closet and makes keeping the closet clean and organized very easy! Our old closets were almost always a disaster! We plan to add 2-3 more easy closets systems to our home in the near future and have recommended them to our friends! Thanks for a great product! Barry and Kristin, Bellevue, Ne