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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers.
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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers regarding their closet installation experience. offers no incentives for customer stories.

Stories From New York:

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John H., New York City, NY
Ivan, Just wanted to touch base and let you know that our master closet which you designed has turned out fantastically. I've attached a few pictures so you can see how it is turning out. I've still got to level all the drawer faces and cabinet doors, but we're ecstatic about things. We've also ordered lighting and a mirror for the hutch area which hasn't come in, but I think the pictures tell a good story. Folks who've come over to visit simply can't believe we have a closet like this in midtown Manhattan. I can't thank you enough for all your help and patience through the process. If there is anything I can do in terms of being a reference account, please don't hesitate to ask. Also, I've called Becky and told her what a success this has been for us -- I hope word filtered back to you. Thanks again, John H.

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Don B., New York City, NY
Dear I recently purchased a penthouse apartment in New York City with 9 closets. I called two other nationally franchised closet companies, closet company #1 and #2. After receiving their quotes which were extremely high, I decided to do some research and came across your website. I decided to try your product first in a rental apartment with 3 closets. I designed the closets online, then spoke with Scott R. to finalize the designs and costs. Your product was fantastic and I installed all 3 closets with no problems by myself with no outside help. Your product was superior or comparable to the 2 companies I mentioned above. Then I decided to tackle the penthouse. Your order arrived in more than 50 boxes and I thought, what have I gotten myself into! Well once again, i installed all 9 closets, some with floor mount closets, and was amazed at what I had accomplished! I had a little snag with 1 closet only and Scott M. helped me to resolve the issues. I even found myself ordering more accessories a few days later. Your product quality, manufacturing, shipping speed, customer service and ease of installation is the best as far as I am concerned. The only thing I would change is the toggle bolts. I used Hilte which are more expensive but were easier to install. I have recommended your company to everyone. When friends and family saw my 9 closets they were so amazed. I saved $20,000 in labor (the truth) from the quotes that had been given to me by the other companies, and I designed better closets with Scott R. than they did, with a lot more features. I am now going to do all the closets in my home in California. My father thought I should go into the closet business! Thank you for being a company that truly stands above the rest. This is hard to find today in the big box retail world. Your loyal customer - Don B.
Bob C., Honeoye Falls, NY
I live in New Jersey, but my daughter wanted her cabinets in Honeoye Falls, NY. Your great system allowed me to create designs, get input from my daughter, have them shipped to her and then go there for the installation. All instructions, packaging info, hardware, and quality exceeded my expectations!
Charles B., Schenectady, NY
Dear Easycosets, Your customer service, pricing, and product continue to blow me away! I just installed my 5th easycloset design. Every piece was cut perfectly, shipping was fast, looks professionally done and will function fantastically in the space I had. Your customer service agents are great to talk to. I also love the designing part of your website, very logical and easy to use. I tell everyone about your site and service. I may have to move because I don't have any more closets to finish in my current home! I wish your company all the best, Charles B., Schenectady, NY
Terry M., Pittsford, NY
You folks do it right! I think you have the best design approach currently offered on the web; I received my order in about a week; your instructions were superb and putting your closet up was as painless as any first-time experience "doing it myself" has ever been. I'll have more orders. Thanks for thinking of us poor amateurs every step of the way!

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Pat E., Nyack, NY
Just wanted to let you know that I just completed my second house using your product. As a builder, I am used to being sold one thing and getting another, but I have to say that your product is everything you advertise it to be. The products ship immediately; the directions are crystal clear; the parts are well organized; the quality is superb; the after sale / parts support is top-notch; and the finished product is excellent. Thanks for talking the talk AND walking the walk. I've had to call your support dept. for one minor item, and, as always, I was met with a pleasant, positive attitude and the part was shipped immediately. I LOVE you guys! Re: a photo. I've attached one, but it won't do your product justice, as it's a hard room to shoot. The closet covers three walls of a (roughly) 7' x 10' space, so of course you're only going to get one angle from the door. However, you should know that we used your product in all of the closets in this home--a total of 6; the rest are your standard 2' x 7' bedroom closets, Sincerely, Pat E., Nyack, NY

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Ray F., Albany, NY
I wanted to take the time to let you and others know how great the closet came out and is eay to install. The "Your Design" site is great and easy to use. After designing the closet to what my wife and I wanted we ordered parts for a 6 x 10 walk-in closet. Now, I installed it and that's the big part, since I do not consider myself handy! Your directions are right on. Find the studs, messure the height, mark a level line and then hang the track. Take your time here and the rest kind of falls into place. It not only looks great, but works great as well. Here's a tip for cutting the track cover, use hand pruners to cut the track cover. You get a nice clean cut. I have already told people about this site and how easy it is to use. Thank You !! Ray. F. Albany, NY

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Jordan M., Flushing, NY
Thank you so much! I ordered your closet system and within 2 days, all 8 boxes were at my door and it took me one night to install. I am curently thinking of redoing other closets in my house and would'nt go with any other closet manufacturer. Besides how easy it was, I compared it to other places and saved over $500 on my closet. And the sales reps were so helpful and nice. Hope to get back to you soon. Sincerely, Jordan M. Flushing, NY
Kacie L., Black River, NY
Hello! My husband and I installed our EasyClosets over two years ago but never had the time to respond - we were incredibly impressed: first, with the ease of the online design tool, better than anything else we found on the internet. We decided to "go for it" and redesign all three of our bedroom closets at once and couldn't have been happier with our decision. The second thing that impressed us: the whole order was right the first time!! All of the wood was cut exactly to our specifications and not a single piece was missing. Third: we installed all the closets easily ourselves. Fourth: we saved a bundle and they look great! Thank you Easyclosets!
Zoe A., New York City, NY
We found online through a search engine. After moving in together and expecting a baby in a few months, the closet needed a much better organization system. After looking at all the possibilities online and offline, we decided that was the best looking, most customizable, quickest and best priced solution out there. It was a bit of a leap of faith to order a closet online, but the staff seemed so enthusiastic about their product, we couldn't resist! We did it and couldn't be happier with the service and the quality. It was easy to install and now we have 2x the space in our closet since it's better organized. Thank you easy closets!! Zoe A., New York City, NY
Nick R., Bronxville, NY
I am so thankful for your service. I visited various other closet companies and even had two designers come to my apartment to give me design advice and provide me with estimates. No competitor of yours could even come close to your prices. Additionally, the ease of your web site and speed at which closets are delivered has always been beyond my expectations (and believe me I have high expectations). I have recommended you to all my friends and family who are looking for a little organization in their lives and they have been pleased as well. I wish you continued success and I will see you again as I begin more projects down the road. Best, Nick R Bronxville, NY
Andrew G., Staten Island, NY
Easy to design and had closets in 2 days. Superior company and customer service. Defintely would do business with again. Andrew G. Staten Island, NY
John K, Binghamton, NY
Just received and installed our closet system. Everything went perfectly, without a hitch. Quality product, complete and thorough installation instructions and great result! We are very happy with our EasyCloset!
Pauline P., Staten Island, NY
This was worth every penny!!! I ordered a closet design for my sons who share a closet - I installed it myself - It looked difficult at first but if you take one step at a time you get the hang of it. I called customer service quite a few times and everytime they were more helpful. They walk you through each problem. I would recommend this to everyone. I can't wait to design my daughters closet. Pauline, Staten Island, NY
Kate M., Massena , NY
We received the closet system and it is fully installed. We absolutely love it!!! thank you so much!! I would like to order 2 more shelves for the two outer sections of the back wall and a slide out tie rack. Could you please help me put that together? Thanks, Kate M.
Lisa K., New York City, NY
I just wanted to say that I couldn't be happier with my closet. Special thanks to Scott Rifflard who did an AMAZING job with the design. Thanks also to (a different) Scott who helped me with my numerous installation questions this past Saturday, 3/28/09. You guys are the best! I also consulted with a large "West Coast" closet franchise on the design/installation of this closet and not only was their design complete crap, but their quote was about 50% higher than my Easyclosets design. Thanks again to everyone, especially Scott R. for a terrific design. This is truly a life transforming experience. When you clean up the clutter in your life, everything else just seems to fall into place!
Pegeen N., Brooklyn, NY
I am the proud owner of a brand new EasyCloset. I love it. It is a wonderful, fabulous and fantastic closet. I have been dreaming about this closet for a number of years and now it has finally happened. I even made an error when first ordering but Scott and John are truly wonderful people. Everytime I had a question Scott seemed to be the lucky person to help me - and he always was able to help me. John (who helped me with my original design and was also on duty for the weekend) was so wonderful about making the changes in my order. You could even hear their smiles as each of them assisted me. Never once did I hear frustration in their voices. I had a big change to make and John changed it as if it was perfectly normal for people to make mistakes. I am recommending your product to everyone. While I did hire someone to put it together, I realized it was so easy that I could have done it myself. Everthing lined up and fit perfectly. Not a crack or scratch on any piece. You could not have made this experience more prefect. Thank you Scott and John. Again, thank you. I love my closet. Sincerely, Pegeen
Brad I., New York City, NY
Hello, I just placed my order today, 4/28/09, for my custom closet, and I wanted to leave feedback on my experience with your customer service representative. I worked with Debra (at Ext. 103), and I must say that I have never had a better customer service experience than today, as she was so incredibly helpful and informative. She was quick, efficient, informative, friendly, and really made this an experience to remember. I also have 2 additional offices that I was contemplating on having redone, and based my experience today, it has helped me to decide to go ahead with redoing all the closets in my business. I will most certainly be continuing to place my orders with Debra. Thank you for your time! Thanks again! - Brad
Matthew M., Brooklyn, NY
Just wanted to send a quick comment and Thank you regarding my recent order. After receiving prices for many thousands of dollars we decided to give Easy Closets a try. All of the reviews we read online had nothing but praise for your quality and service - they couldn't be more true! Dimitri spent over an hour with me going over the design and making some excellent suggestions. Everything arrived as promised, when promised, with easy to read directions. The quality is excellent and the closet looks great! Thanks for saving me THOUSANDS of dollars on my closet! Matthew M.
Martin S, Chittenango , NY
Very pleased, two older folks installed this double sided hanging closet easily two years ago. Coompany great to work with and the directions understandable.
Max E., Huntington, NY
This is the 3rd time I have ordered and the whole place is great. I went to home depot today, thinking one of those wire type organizers would be a bargain. The difference ended up being less than $60, and your system is a million times better!
Chip M., Fayettville, NY
Do Business With Easy Closets!! We have had nothing but the best experience with the whole Team. The design team put finishing touches on our closets that we didn`t know were possible. The support team was super-available and talked me through the small issues related to building and installing. Then, when we had a problem after we were done, they knew exactly what was needed and overnighted the necessary part to make it right. In short, for our Master Closet project, we saved $8K compared to California Closets and $2K over the local contractor who would have used an inferior manufacturer. Better quality, lower price and the most outstanding customer service throughout the process! Thank you Easy Closets.
Jason M., Wheatfield, NY
My wife and I purchased our first EasyCloset system for our Mudroom. Having purchased California closets a few years back I have to say the quality was the same but with a huge decrease in cost. The ease began when we received the closet system. Everything was packaged perfect and the instructions were very clear to understand. I'm not the handiest of people but found this project to be one of the easiest. Once together, our mudroom was transformed to a large area for storage and hanging and we are so very pleased. Prior to ordering, we did have California Closets come out for a consult. The design was the same however their price was $950 vs. the $313 we paid through you. I understand the cost of installing but $637? Come on, they're crazy. I'll never order through CA Closets again. In fact we're hoping to order through you next year when we put together our master closet and our 2 girl's closets. Thank you so very much!
Marc R, Deer Park, NY
A friend of mine has been begging for help in reorganizing her closet for months. She finally asked for a closet for Christmas. Well we went to Home Depot and the bells and whistles startng going off. They pointed us to a rack and left us there to try and figure it out. i knew if i bought the thing there it would be a disaster. We went home and i starting browsing the internet. I found your web site and starting playing with your design tool, it was a big help. We sat down and played for awhile and saved the design. A short time later we called and got some excellent guidance and decided to place the order. As promised, if we ordered by 6 EST, it was shipped the next day and arrived the following. The instructions were perfect. The way the parts were packed as well. Nothing was missing, nothing was damaged, everything was just as promised. i made one call to your helpful staff and asked one question, which was met with a friendly and concise response. The closet was done in a couple of hours and my friend and her family were amazed. So while before the process started they asked why i would want to spend more than it would cost at Home Depot, when i finished they thought a got a bargain. So i just want to say...great product, great support, a great experience all around. Thanks! Marc R. New York
Julio S, Armonk, NY
We received our 3 closets this past week; the packaging was amazing and the instructions easy to follow. The closets came out perfectly and the quality was better than we had ever expected. It took about 3 hours per closet for the installation it self, once you include removing the old hardware, patching the walls and painting the closet walls it was about days worth of work. Very well worth it. After all the work and installation I must have misplaced 2 Double Cam Screws needed for the top cam shelves. Would it be possible to please send me 2 EXTRA Double Cam Screws? Thank you for a wonderful product. I have already referred you to several friends and family to your website. Thank you, Julio
Nadine L., Littleton, NY
I would just like to convey my appreciation to all the people I dealt with in purchasing my closet from EasyClosets. The quick response I received from Post Production Support was wonderful. Upon receipt of the closet system there were several pieces that were damaged in shipping and replacement pieces were received with 5 business days. I was able to get the system installed and it looks wonderful. The quality of your product is terrific. Such an improvement from what was previously in closet. I would not hesitate to refer you to anyone who is looking for a company that has closet systems. Thank you again.
Patrick C., Howard Beach, NY
Scott and Staff I just want to thank you very much for helping me design my two master bed room closets...everything arrived from you in perfect condition, great instructions and fit like a glove.! You're really great and If you need a recommendation, don`t hesitate to use my name and email...I will send photo's of my closets to you. Thanks again for being a great company, efficient, smart, courteous and`s nice to know that good things are still made in America!
Barbara F., Holbrook, NY
I love my new closet!!!!! My husband and I are so impressed with your product. We thought our closet was organized before but your product showed us, I have more space then ever. I can't stop showing it off every time someone comes to visit. My 2 sons are buying new homes and are looking forward to using your product for their closets. I just might have to buy them gift certificates for Christmas. Installation could not be easier, once you get the hang of it. This was the first time we didn't have to go out and buy more screws or parts because they were not included, everything at our fingertips. One of the great things about the closet is that my husband now keeps everything on his side neat. He takes great pride in a job well done. Thank you Easy Closets.
Denice B., Canandaigua, NY
My husband and I installed our new easy closet system last weekend. It could not be more beautiful. We looked at other systems, …, but none of the closet systems looked as nice as yours. The hardware is gorgeous and I love the details like how the finish of the hanger rods matches the drawer hardware. The closet was easier to put together than we thought it would be. We are so proud of our closet now. I don't think anyone would ever guess that we ordered it from online and installed it ourselves. Thank you for a beautiful product.
Chuck L., Staatsburg, NY
Thanks ever so much for all your great work supplying us with closet organizers. If it wasn't for your help in having our closets to us as quick as you did (and as promised) we would have been in a state of disarray with us having to live out of boxes for who knows how long!

I have been telling many people of your good work and how you followed up throughout the sale to make sure we were not disappointed. After building a house for the last year, we have experienced many disappointments in the trade, so it was indeed a pleasure hooking up with your company.
Laurie K., Poughkeepsie, NY
We love our new closet organizer. It was a lot easier than we thought to put together and makes the closet more accessible to the entire family. Thank You!
Mary Jane B., Cold Spring, NY
After searching for closet systems and getting quotes from quite a few, I thought there had to be a more reasonable option. I found you on the internet and your site was so easy to maneuver. I thought I would give you try and hoped I would not be disappointed. What can I say to adequately express my overwhelming joy at my new closets!!! Not only were they delivered overnight, the instructions were perfect. Every piece fit together perfectly and there were always enough screws and bolts. The quality of your product is superior. I can say that because I presently have California Closets in the home I 'm moving out of. You can imagine how much I would have had to pay if I took their bid as opposed to doing a little research on the web. Thank you again and you will be hearing from me when I build my master bedroom addition in the spring.