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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers.
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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers regarding their closet installation experience. offers no incentives for customer stories.

Stories From Virginia:

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Debra Y., Gloucester, VA
I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my closet system - so much that I have let my friends know where I got it. I have been playing with the design of my reach-in closet since Feb 06. I finally purchased it and it arrived on Thursday. I installed it on Saturday. It was relatively easy to install and directions were simple to follow - I was glad I had someone helping me because some of the panels were heavy (proves how sturdy the system is). I love the look and I'm impressed with the quality of the product. Thank you. Debra Y. Gloucester, VA

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Roy F., Hampton, VA
We were building an addition to our home with a large walk in closet and were not sure exactly what we wanted in our organizer so we asked for help in design. After a couple of days we received our design for the closet and just made a few changes to have exactly what we wanted. The price was fair and everything was in stock so we placed the order and received everything in 3 days. The assembly was easy although it does take some time to assemble everything but well worth the effort. The closet organizer is awsome and we have received alot of compliments. Thank You so much for everyones help from design to the shipping department. Our remodeling supervisor has been notified and we WILL be ordering again.
Wright and Linda F., Montross, VA
Our Story: Our Easy Closets experience was one of best we've ever had in terms of installing anything in my home. The name says it all, EASY CLOSETS!! First of all, the design process was exceptional. Luis P. handled our design and he was totally professional and designed a closet that uses just about every available inch the closet has to offer. We had wanted corner units to connect the closets but when we saw the design produced by Luis it was obvious corner units were not what we needed or wanted. The whole process is just awesome. The designs were easy to review at home with my wife and Luis was very accommodating working with me over the phone to finalize our design and provide us with everything we needed. Luis was fantastic, very courteous, always professional and extremely helpful. I have to admit I was a little intimidated by the 28 boxes delivered to my door by UPS and after bringing all 28 in the house and ultimately locating near the closet I knew I had my work cut out for me. Boy was I wrong, as it turned out the toughest part of this installation was hauling the 28 boxes from one end of my home to the installation area. The instructions, plans and packaging list were very easy to follow. I wouldn't normally comment on the labeling of the boxes but it was exceptional - I knew exactly what I had in every box which made installation really easy. I also would never comment on the packing of the materials but even that was very impressive. Wow!!! I essentially installed the closet unit by myself. The only assistance I needed was my wife helping me with the initial measurements and markings on the walls to install the tracks and vertical panels. I also needed her help with the installation of the first track which was a bit longer than I could manage. Once the tracks were up the rest was literally a snap. Again, it is all in the name, EASY CLOSETS. The quality of the materials is excellent. Very strong and durable and the track system is really easy to use and is great for quickly getting the vertical panels up and locked in with the CAM Shelves, just an all around AWESOME Experience. The drawers were easy to install the brushed nickel looks is really great. I would also highly recommend the Valet Pole as well - it is handy to have when your arms are full of clothes on hangers. We'll definitely recommend Easy Closets to anyone we knowing putting up a system and will use them again for our additional closet needs. If you go with anyone else, you'll regret that decision. Wright and Linda F. PS: It was my wife's favorite Christmas Present ever!!!
Charles and Camille C, Broadlands, VA
I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the installation of Easy Closets (I did it myself). I have to tell you that I was on your site designing my closet with little or no intention of ordering it. I guess just getting ideas. When my wife and I came up with the final we decided to buy with of course several questions to be answered first. The initial design was submitted and due to your quality control, several areas of concern were raised. So my order was put on hold until we agreed and understood the system overlaps ( I would just use a hammer it will work) No! they said. How could they? I am a paying customer. Quality control at its best here. The representative (Roz) who redesigned my closet worked hard to help me understand the revised design even though I was not too much in favor of the redesign. Okay so they say that time will tell and you will get use to it. I think this went on for several revisions until we came up with the final one that was approved by both parties. The order was placed and shipped immediately the next day. All 29 boxes came, what do I do now. I have to finish the floor the cedar is already up. Excited on how this is going to look I find myself working double time. The installation comes and not before deciding were everything goes you have to actually uncrate these boxes and figure out what goes where. Not much of a problem, single cam screw, dbl cam screw sure I know were these go. Right. I realized that maybe I should read the directions... Don’t you know MEN do not read directions – Proven comment. That’s because we are suppose to KNOW???? Well we read them and figured everything out and the installation went without a snag. I am sharing you some pictures of my million dollar closet and wanted to express my deepest thanks to my sales Representative Roz for a successful installation, she was professional and pleasant to deal with and expressed her knowledge and opinions on the design which ultimately increased my customer satisfaction. Thank You Roz! Feel free to post this. So maybe I have too much free time on my hands to create this. Hope you enjoy it. Conclusion: This was a successful installation. It beats standing around at local building suppliers wondering what pieces fit where. Easyclosets has very professional people to deal with, oh and funny too. I would not go anywhere else to find a closet solution. I received my order complete with no problems. Small issues were solved quickly. It was easy to assemble and professionally redesigned by their redesign expert, Roz, (I am getting used to not getting any credit anymore). Roz made sure my attic pull down works well with the design clearances. I am now able to install anything. My wife won again, four walls to two. You need to do this because it is a great clean-out campaign. Deepest Thanks, Camille & Charlie

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Christopher M., Gainesville, VA
Well, you don't call it for nothing! I have just completed installing my walk-in closet & I couldn't be more satisfied. The website and design tools are top notch and were incredibly useful. I spent several weeks tweaking the designs and educating myself about options, accessories and the installation process. When it came time to finalize the configuration I called EasyClosets and Tracey provided me with a lot of very useful, practical advice. Based on her suggestions I was able to make additional modifications to my design--changes that ultimately made a big difference in the final layout. Thanks Tracey! I'm still amazed that you are able to process an order like this so quickly and get it shipped out within a day. I placed my order on Monday and it arrived on Thursday. Needless to say, I spent some quality time on Saturday installing everything (well almost everything). This is where your packaging and incredibly clear, detailed instructions really made a difference. As it turns out I had a few minor questions and called Post Sales support. I spoke with Dmitri a few times on Saturday and he was quite helpful--again giving me very good, just-in-time advice. Thanks Dmitri! When all was said and done the final installation was perfect. Everything fit into place exactly as designed--no tweaks or modifications were necessary. Finally, the closet looks amazing. I was worried that the cherry finish wouldn't match up well with our new cherry floors, but as it turns out they are almost an exact match. It's still hard to believe that the units aren't real wood--they definitely exceeded my expectations. Thanks for a great customer experience, from the initial design to the finished product and every step in between. We will certainly be referring our friends to you. Thanks, Chris M.
Leslie C., Alexandria, VA
We love our new chestnut walk-in closet. Installing the closet caused us to really look at what we were putting back into it. We were able to thin down the number of clothes and shoes we had. So now with the extra space that the new closet gave us plus less items in it has really chaged the look of the closet - from stuffed to actually organized. Thanks easy closets!
Steve and Debbie T., Jarrat, VA
I placed an order for 3 closets and we have installed two so far. I have to tell you that is unbelievable. We love everything about our closets starting from beginning to end. Designing our closets was a breeze with Scott's help and then we were amazed by the packaging of the materials. Installation was made easier by the way every box was labeled. The directions and list of materials, by closet, was a big help. The closets look spectacular and I love the adjustable shelves. I can't wait to start installing the 3rd closet. Professionals couldn't do any better and I'm positive that our closets cost alot less. I'm already spreading the word about Thanks so much for a wonderful experience and beautiful closets. I will send pictures when I'm done. Sincerely, Debbie T.
Tom L., Springfield, VA
Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful product and website you have. My wife and I are thrilled with our new closet systems. The systems were delivered to my door in 10 easy to manage boxes. After sorting things out and mounting the tracks I couldn't believe how easy it was to install. Everthing fits perfectly together and we now have 1 1/2 times more clothing rod space with shoe storage too. Sincerely, Tom L.
Kim G., Charlottesville, VA
A heartfelt Thanks! The hardware made it by 9:30 AM on Saturday and we were able to finish the closet by Saturday night - it looks great! This has transformed my closet from just a closet to a "dressing room" and I'm sure this will cause an outbreak of closet envy. You were very helpful in quickly addressing my hardware problem and Mike also provided great service helping me with my design and answering our questions. I'm a very satisfied customer today and am happy to say that EasyClosets was able to pass my husband's quality standard (which isn't easy to do). Here's a few pictures of my almost finished closet - we are in the process of putting up the crown molding and adding some accent lighting on top which will just put the whole thing over the top. Thanks so much! Kim

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LiZ H, Poquoson, VA
Love this company and its product! I began planning an office closet on your web site a couple weeks ago after getting an estimate from another national closet company. The online design tool was very easy to use and I really loved the immediate pricing based on my design and choices. I was able to save about 60 percent with Easy Closets installing it ourselves. I still had a few questions so I called in for design assistance. Scott answered all my questions and made a few really important suggestions. I ordered my closet pieces on Monday and received them on Thursday. The installation directions were very clear and easy to use. We began installing on Saturday afternoon and completely finished our three section closet that same day. I can't wait for our next closet project! Great companies like Easy Closets makes you wonder about all the others.
Sara K., Alexandria, VA
Good afternoon! I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been not only with the product I purchased from you, but also the tremendous customer service you provided. A couple of pieces of my closet arrived broken, and I was a little concerned with how difficult it might be to get replacement parts. No need! I called and spoke to someone who was extremely helpful and within two days had the parts I needed. There are a lot of other closet companies out there, but I would recommend your company in a heartbeat. These days it is often difficult to get good customer service (particularly here in the D.C. area where I live). I just want you to know that I appreciate it and will recommend your company to anyone I know. Thank you very much!! Sara K.
Craig B., Mclean, VA provides: Easy to use web site design tools. Easy and quick delivery. Easy organized packaging. Easy installation instructions. Thank you! Craig B., AIA
Joey H., Reston, VA
My closets looks great! Easy to install, directions were intuitive and easy to follow, quality of product was as advertised. You can expect another order from me! Joey H. Reston, VA
Tracy H., Amherst, VA
We designed two large Easy Closets, and we're very impressed with the quality of materials and ease of installation. The directions are easy to follow and well illustrated. Only suggestion would be to completely seperate the parts and hardware by closet for those ordering more than one closet. We are very happy with our purchase!
Art F., Afton, VA
Kudos to Have you ever wondered what truly exceptional customer service feels like? If you want to experience it first hand, do business with I was initially skeptical about designing and purchasing our master bedroom closet online, but I read quite a few positive reviews from others who had very good experiences with I decided to try them. The first step was the closet design, all done via their extensive online design tool. It was a little tricky at first, having to download the JAVA software, and get familiar with how the design tool works. The tool lets you try as many designs as you’d like, and saves them so you can come back and work on them when you have time. After my 3rd design iteration, my wife approved, and I was ready to call and order. This is where things get really good. I called on a Wednesday morning, went over the design with a very helpful and knowledgeable design consultant, placed the order, and received the closet two days later on Friday – unbelievable!! It came in 16 boxes, each clearly labeled with the specific contents. Box number 1 is to be opened first, and it contains a detailed set of clear instructions on how to unpack and take a full inventory, using an included inventory listing to check off against. It took me about 2 hours to get everything open, checked, and sorted. There were no errors, nothing damaged, nothing missing. The most pleasant surprise was the high quality of the hardware, from the steel track to the brushed nickel rods, as well as all the shelving support. On Saturday, I started following the detailed installation instructions, with no confusion or misunderstandings. The track goes up first, and I was extremely careful to find and use studs for support. The trickiest part of my installation was a 7 foot tall, 14 shelf shoe unit, on a pocket door surface. It took a little extra time to find the studs that would support this very heavy unit, which also had to be cleated for stability. By the end of the day, all the track was up. On Sunday, I started hanging the verticals and installing the cam(structural) shelves. What a pleasant surprise to have these go in with almost no effort. The European cam hardware could not be easier, or faster, to install. At one point, though, I realized that one of the verticals should have been finished (i.e. no shelf holes showing through), because the bottom half would be visible when entering the room. I knew I would have to call and get a replacement, and wondered how the post sale experience would be. Well, sure enough, my call was received by a support rep who said “Our goal is perfection”, and immediately sent the replacement part, again 2nd day delivery, at no charge. One more call was required to replace a shelf connector that I had cut incorrectly. Even though I was willing to pay for my mistake, they again insisted on sending a replacement at no charge. The closet is finished, my wife is happy, and my thanks go to for a fantastic experience.

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Terri J., Moneta, VA
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent product and service on my recent order. Scott was very helpful during the design process. Our closet was arrived on time, was easy to install, fit perfectly, and looks great. Thank you to all your team for your help!
Bill R., Fairfax, VA
Bill and I just love our new closets. Scott was great helping us with measurements and custom issues we encountered. It was so wonderful creating our closets online and seeing the final product installed. Accurate measurements are the key but even when we messed up, you all came to our rescue! The closets look great and it feels wonderful to be so organized! We are looking forward to creating a pantry area in our basement in the spring. We tell everyone one about you, even our hairdresser! Great place for the beginner to start their do-it-yourself adventure! Many thanks!
Lynda E., Powhatan, VA
I'm so happy with my new closet: I ordered them last Saturday, they came so quickly that I didn't have a chance to install it until the next Saturday (yesterday) and filled it today. I love it and can't stop looking at it! It took us from 10:00 to 4:00 to do it. It's an odd shaped walk-in. We only wasted a foot - 6 inches on each side with stock sizes, and I've got plans to fill the extra space with shoes. And I got to design the whole thing on-line. The extra nuts and bolts were greatly appreciated. That hardly ever happens. Usually we have the opposite experience - missing parts! The quality was great and it was obvious that someone really put a lot of thought into the design to make it work for anyone. It was a great experience and I'll recommend your closets to anyone who will listen...P.S. Just so you know, my field is Quality Assurance, so please take this as a rave review.
Katrina H., Virginia Beach, VA
Just wanted to say GREAT website! The java, design your own, tool is SUPERFANTASTIC! My husband and I took advantage of the free sample kit link and received it yesterday in the mail. This web site is so user friendly. It has really allowed us to play around with many different ideas for our closet and it has totally SOLD us on your product! Thanks so much for the sample kit! We really wanted to see the quality before deciding to buy and that gave us the warm and fuzzy that we needed to make our final decision. Once again, I can't thank you enough for all the time and hard work that has been put into this website! Be looking for our order soon!
Edward K., Jamesvile, VA
I ordered my extensive walk-in closet in March and it arrived soon after. The order took up the entire UPS truck. It's mid May now and I've just installed my EasyCloset in my new home. The directions were easy to follow and I was able to complete the installation in 2 days by myself. Your service was fantastic! The closet is totally awesome and neighbors keep coming by to see it. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

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Jennifer L., Arlington, VA
This is long overdue but I wanted to send our thanks for the quality product and professional service your company has given us. My husband and I installed our custom closets in August 2003 and we just love them (my closet is my favorite room in our house). I think they look like they were professionally installed and our friends can't believe we did it ourselves. Just last week I called to find out if I could order 3 more shelves for my shoes. I wasn't sure how "easy" this would be but I was pleasantly surprised when the gentleman who was helping me was able to pull up our file and within minutes have the shelves ordered. He said they would be shipped out that same day (Monday) and delivered on Wednesday. Without fail, the shelves arrived on Wednesday just as scheduled. In this day and age of empty promises, it is so refreshing to do business with a company who delivers. Thank you again!
Nicole K., Springfield, VA
We finished the install on our closet systems last night. It took 2 weekends to do 2 closets. The transformation is fantastic! (This is actually the first time I have ordered anything like this online). Customer service was excellent, the systems work well, the finishes are nice and the product quality is good. A couple of parts came in the wrong finish and your staff mailed replacement parts immediately. Also, I made a couple of closet measurement errors which required some new shelfs. Once again your staff mailed them out immediately. I would definitely use easyclosets again-- Great experience. Thanks.