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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers.
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This sampling of stories are actual unsolicited letters sent by customers regarding their closet installation experience. offers no incentives for customer stories.

Stories From Wisconsin:

( offers no incentives for customer stories)
Edward A., Brookfield, WI
Scott ---

I just wanted to jot you a note of appreciation and feedback. The system arrived extremely quickly (two days all the way to Wisconsin!!) and my son and I were able to get the system completely installed in about 12 hours this weekend. It looks great and I am very satisfied!
Attached are a few photo’s of the finished installation. Note how nice the system looks when installed over our bamboo floor. It also matches the other cabinetry (cherry with a dark finish) that we had built-in as part of our bedroom suite remodel project – Note that the Make-up-desk is shown to the right of the WALL C HUTCH in photo 100_6603.jpg). The wood samples you sent were extremely helpful in getting the right finish selection.
There was only one problem which I found as I was putting in the last shelf into the “Wall-C” hutch. As you can see in the photo’s below. The front edge of one of the hutch shelves is damaged. I am hoping it can be fixed or replaced.

Outside of that, the system went together very easily and all of the materials were well made, precision cut, well packaged, and the finished product if very very solid. All the pieces went together as expected without any problems. We are particularly happy with the hutch and the drawers. The drawers work very smoothly and the full extension feature is certainly worth the small cost increase. My wife, who was a little skeptical of buying a closet system off of the internet, is also very pleased with the finished product. I might add that the system we purchased was 1/3 less than a competitive bid we got locally from our remodeling contractor!
I would not hesitate to recommend Easyclosets to anyone who is moderately handy, wants a high quality product, and wants to save some money. I have already recommended Easyclosets to several friends; I’d be surprised if you don’t see some orders from the Wisconsin area very soon.
Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you on the minor shelf problem. Ed

Note from Easyclosets...the shelf was of course replaced!

Customer Photos:
Susan K., Madison, WI
I designed and ordered 3 closets (2 double closets and 1 room-sized closet) for some home remodeling we are doing. I have no experience designing anything, but the design program was very easy to work with. Any questions I had were quickly addressed and the support staff was friendly and helpful. Our 46 boxes arrived and my husband thought he would be overwhelmed by the project. He quickly found out how truly 'easy' it was. All the boxes were clearly marked and included easy to follow instructions for each closet. He installed the first one in 4 hours (including painting the inside of the closet first). He has told many friends about the "slick" installation system. Needless to say, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Easy Closets. We are thrilled with the look and functionality! Thank you Easy Closets
Paul S., Kewaskum, WI
I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with your product; beginning with your web site, design program, ordering and delivery, ease of installation, look and quality. I've read several testimonials on your web page what they have said and written are true. One complaint I would have is in my order you shipped steel tracks and their covers in the same shipping tube. The covers in this tube got quite dirty from rubbing against the steel tracks. Fortunately, from my design other steel tracks and covers were shipped in another boxes and I had several left over pieces and did not have to clean and use the track covers from that tube. A very minor issue but I thought I should let you know about any issues I had. Nonetheless, that will not be stopping me from ordering again from you. I've done my closet designs in stages and have the other parts of my closets waiting in my design folder. Thanks again for making this project easy and helping my family get organized. Paul S. Wisconsin
Martha P., Muscoda, WI
Great closets at a very reasonable price! Great service, quick delivery. I initially ordered a single closet. As we were impressed with the quality and pleased with the price, I subsequently ordered 5 more closets. All closets now installed, and we couldn't be happier. Tracey provided great advice and assistance with closet design and ordering. Thanks again, Tracey!
Sharon R., Slinger, WI
Thank you, thank you, thank you! We've purchased three closet organizers from you and couldn't be happier! Not only were the directions great, but the way everything was shipped was wonderful. I'll recommend you to all my friends. I'm writing this short email to let you know how happy my husband and I are with your product. The shipping/packing was wonderful. Everything was easy to find and installation was easy. Our closets look GREAT! Thank you. Sharon R.
Laura R., Milwaukee, WI
We moved from 3600 sq.ft. house to a condominium last summer. We have been downsizing for the change for over one year (my husband was a bit of a pack rat). We did well in getting rid of furniture and kitchenwares. I thought I'd downsized the wardrobes enough, but the closets were not doing the job I needed. I had folded sweaters and tops on the top of my bedroom dresser, and tried a few feeble closet inserts, but it was messy looking and still did not accomplish tidy storage for all our treasures. I finally knew that only a custom design for all three closets would give me the storage I needed. I was dreading 1) how complicated it would be to determine exactly what I needed, and 2) how expensive it would be to build what I needed. When I found your website, it was a snap to use the on-line design tool to lay out my closets. One closet had an exceptionally high ceiling, so I asked your designer to help and she was able to raise the ceiling and customize the space to use every inch. Then, I found that the ceiling in my husband's closet was much shorter than the room, so we needed to shorten the ceiling design to match the actual space. You made it very easy to get this all designed. The prices were reasonable, and I hired a carpenter to install everything. He was impressed with the quality of the materials, completeness of the instructions, and supply of all needed parts. Now, all my clothes are in closets, and we can find things we need. I'm a very happy customer.
Jackie G., Viroqua, WI
Hi, I ordered a closet system from you last year for my new home. I just wanted to tell you that I love it! My husband does carpentry work and to be honest, he was a little concerned about purchasing a ready made system, versus constructing it himself out of wood. The number of boxes that were delivered was a little scary, but the two of us worked on putting it together at night and in a couple of evenings had it installed. Every woman who visits our home is envious of the closet more than anything else in our home. They all wish they had one. I really like the smoothness of the finish on the cabinets; they don't snag delicate items like wood finishes sometimes can. I hardly need a dresser anymore, everything fits in the built in drawers. I also wanted to say your website is excellent and your designers are very helpful. My bosses wife plans to buy a closet system from you because she likes mine so well. Thank you for providing such a great service and product! Sincerely, Jackie
Kyle H., Madison, WI
I just installed the closet this weekend. It looks GREAT, was very easy, and my partner comments that it looks like we are dressing in a fancy department store! Thanks for your loads of options, easy website, free and quick shipping, tons of instructions and quality product. I hope to order from you again soon- Kyle in Wisconsin
Tom O., Eagle River, WI
This is not a question. Just want to let you know how HAPPY we are with our new closet. Your products were great. The plans were a little hard to follow but my brother in law the carpenter did it all in one day. He will recommend your products to anyone who wants to improve their closets. Tom O.
Ralph J., Silver Lake , WI
Just can't say enough about easy closets.Just finished my third closet,I did not take enough time with measuring the last one so I had a problem,but it was not a problem for easy closets they were very helpfull and sent me two more shelves at no cost. I highley recommend there product easy to install and they send you extra parts so you are not driving all over to look for extra screws etc. There customer service staff is GREAT!!Thanks again for being so kind and helpfull. PS it took longer to remove and prep the existing closets than it took to install. Ralph J., Silver Lake Wisconsin
Jonathan and Laurie R., Waukesha, WI
We just received and installed our first EasyClosets system and I am writing you to express how delighted we are with your company and your products. A month or so ago, we purchased a packaged closet system from a major national home supply center. After realizing how poorly it was made, we returned it and started searching for an alternative. My wife discovered your website and began working with Roz on a design. Laurie found your site easy to navigate, intuitive and Roz was extremely helpful in design and suggestions for improvement. When the boxes arrived and we began unpacking, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the packaging materials and the way everything was protected from damage. One of the nine boxes had a pretty good dent in it yet every component inside was in perfect shape. The installation instruction manual was complete and easy to read. Obviously an engineer did not write it! Every step was spelled out in clear text and all my questions were answered in the manual. As I started installing each component fit like a glove and I was amazed. Our system is beautiful to look at, functional and a valuable addition to our home. In short, we are now raving fans of your company. Over the coming months and years we will be purchasing additional systems to solve our storage needs in several areas of our home and we will definitely be ordering from EasyClosets. As I’ve experienced in my business, it’s not always easy to assemble the people, products and processes to make a company successful. You folks have succeeded in all three. Feel free at any time to use us as a referral for this excellent American made product. Jonathan R. Waukesha, WI
Cheryl G., Waubeka, WI
I am a little tardy in writing as we've been busy finally "getting settled" in our new home. We ordered 5 closets at once for our new home. All 47 boxes arrived, and since the new house wasn't quite ready for them, they sat in our old garage for several weeks. I'll admit, I was getting a little nervous - both because of the passage of time, and wondering how we'd ever sort it all out. When the house was ready, we moved the boxes down and emptied them - making stacks in different rooms. We then started on what we thought was the easiest closet - and low and behold, it was easy! The directions are super clear, and once you do one, the rest are very easy. Towards the end we did find a box that had three damaged pieces. I called and was immediately told "we'll get those shipped out today. I'm awfully sorry that happened." We had the replacements in three days. This company is awesome to deal with. The pieces packed beautifully, the instructions are very clear, and as I can attest to - IF there's a problem, they solve it! It was especially nice to be able to move into a home "closet ready." Thank you!!!
Robert S., Stone Lake, WI
Hello, Just a short note to let you know our order arrived Friday a.m. as scheduled with no damage. We have it installed, its looks great and the quality is more than we expected. Lana and I installed it Saturday and Sunday mornings and had a great experience. Thank You to Tracey Santos for helping us with the design and getting the order placed proper and to all associates involved. A job well done by every one. Thanks, Lana and Bob S.
Beth W., Wind Point, WI
We love our new closet systems -- all 3 of them!! Everyone at Easy Closets has been a pleasure to work with. Customer Service is top notch!! Regards, Beth W.